Second-Saturday Gallery Strolls 

Let it Breathe

Saturday, June 8th, 4-6pm

Featured Artists: Roger Blair

(More to come, check back later!)

As wine breathes, the tannin and flavor profile soften and mellow allowing the overall flavor characteristics to improve. The wine mixes and mingles with the air and the aromas open up. Art also lives and breathes. Our pleine air artists especially capture this as they fully immerse themselves in the very scene they are creating. The landscapes of old barns smell of hay and soft summer breezes. Bar scenes are full of old liquor and warm bodies reflecting off of polished counters. Color and shape seep from the work into the room, changing the atmosphere, growing in richness and giving it character. Allow art to breathe life back into your space! 


Saturday July 13th, 4-6pm

Featured Artists: Ann Feldman, Nina Weiss, Steve Howland (more to come, check back soon)


Saturday August 10th 4-6pm

Featured Artists: Helen Gotlib, Mike Kelly (more to come, check back soon)


Carols, Cookies, & Cuvée

Saturday, December 15th, 4-6pm 

Come listen to the live music of the Holiday Jazz Trio as they sing your favorite songs of the season. 

What is better than tasty & nostalgic holiday cookies?

The perfect wine paring to mature your childhood favorite flavors. 

The music and merriment is free, come join us in an open house style season celebration. 

The wine and holiday cookie paring is $20 per person if you reserve ahead, or $25 at the door. 


Annual Hallowine Tasting & Pumpkin Carving Demonstration 

Saturday, October 27th 12-5pm

Courtyard of the barn at  J. Petter Galleries & Upscale Mercantile

Come see Certified Master Ice Carver Greg Butauski create ghoulish creatures from pumpkins and gourds, while tasting through 5 Fall focused wines from Eagle Eye wine importers. Both the wine and Greg's spooky pumpkin creations will be available to purchase. There is no charge for the event. The wine tasting is 3 tastes for $10 or 5 tastes for $15. 


Janzen Wine Tasting & Muli-Course Meal 

Tuesday, Sept. 18th, 7-9pm

Join us for a private, intimate dining event with Napa wine legend, Kyle Jazen of Bacio Divinio Cellars and Janzen Family Wines.

Plus a multi-course meal provided by our neighborhood foodies, Borrowed Time!

The presentation and meal starts at 7pm, sports are limited! 

Reservation and prepayment required, $80 dollars per person. 

Please call at (269) 857-2230



Second-Saturday Gallery Strolls 

Spaces Between 

Saturday, October 6th, 2018: 4pm - 6pm 

Gallery Stroll Weekend 

Featured Artists: Ed Herbeck, Kirsten Barton, Jeanne Rockett, Norma Penchansky Glasser, Linda Rzoska, Kathleen Chaney-Fritz, Steve Howland

Unfortunately, Larry Welo and James Griffin will not be able to join us on Oct. 6th as originally planned. They promise to visit next summer! 

Join us for an evening of art, wine, artist demos, and nosh under the music of John Otto. 

These artists present work that focuses on the spaces  between. They curate your focus as they create a perspective all their own. Bronze figures cut into space as limbs create  not only beautiful moments of negative space, but defy gravity. Our landscape painters capture delicate moments of waves and birds caught in between Lake Michigan's dunes. The atmosphere itself becomes a dreamy place of clouds and feather soft oil paint. Amid the branches of mixed media  trees lies a webwork of a million spaces peeking through. Yet you will find yourself drawn in into the intricate expanse of watercolor nests and places where critters creep. Even in the city, one of our painters takes you to the top of skyscrapers  and into the relationship of people and architecture. 

A Naturalist's Guide to the Universe

Saturday, August 11th, 2018: 4pm-7pm

Featured Artists: Brian Sauerland, Helen Gotlib, Mike Kolansinski, Matt Swanson, Julie Quinn, Roger Blair, Patty Elzinga

Music by John Otto 

Obsessed with nature these artists notice and appreciate the beauty that often goes unnoticed in our everyday panorama. Intrigued with light and the way colors change and play on individual forms, these artists rethink the traditional landscape and apply a flair all their own. Each piece makes you stop and appreciate the forces of nature at work-frozen in time to be contemplated in its innumerable detail. 

Naturalist Wine Tasting 

Wander on over to the wine bar to taste and see a selection of wines that taste as good as they are good for the earth. Kindred to how our naturalist artists appreciate the intricate work of nature in their art, these vintners and famers are crafting wine with practices that are not just ecologically sound, but are equally economically viable and socially responsible (and mighty delectable we might add). 

The Whimsy of Regionalism and Reason

Saturday, July 14th, 2018: 4pm - 7pm

Featured Artists: Michael Maitner, Matthew Jacobson, Paul Van Heest, Jill Wagner, Kim Zahnow, Laura Testé, Sheila Bohanon

Music by John Otto played by Richard Beelen on base and Jay Bertalan on keyboards

There is something magical about the landscapes that surround us: our childhood rural vistas, Michigan sandy shores, horses led down dirt roads, and the casual ebb and flow of people in familiar places. There is also the abstract landscape of our own creation; the whimsical surreal of our dreams and curiosities. Join us for an evening of art, Michigan terroir wines, artist demos, and nosh under the music of John Otto. 

A Bed of Roses, Rosé and a Bear

Saturday, June 9th, 2018: 3 pm - 6 pm 

Instagram Influencer Weekend

Featured Artists: Eddie Mitchell, Ann Feldman, Nina Weiss, Carla Sutton, Gert Olsen, Lisa Vanderhill

Music by John Otto

What binds these artists? A taste for nature, a touch of floral, the accent of pink, and of course, a few bears. Sip a champagne punch, order a rosé, and join us for an afternoon of art, wine, artists demos, and nosh under the music of John Otto. 


A pop-up art show and poetry reading at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts 

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018 | 7 PM | 

Free Admission, No Registration Required | Cash Bar 

Enjoy an intimate illustrated reading, celebrating how art speaks and how artists inspire and collaborate. Mary Hatch calls her paintings little novels. Elizabeth Kerlikowske puts the paintings into words. Hear the poems. See the paintings. Discover the method to their madness. 

Guests will view a pop-up gallery of Mary's paintings and are encouraged to reflect on their own thoughts, memories, ideas, and feelings. Elizabeth will share her writings during this multi-disciplinary event. There will be copies of their book, Flying Lessons, available for purchase and an opportunity to have them signed.

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